About Us

Olympic RibbonArt is a family owned and operated company by Courtney & Jeff Schmitt. As a local family owned ribbon manufacturing business You get personal service like no other. Dedicated to making a high quality product.

Several dozen of our ribbons can be seen on permanent display in Hong Kong-Disneyland.

In July of 2003, the company completed ribbons for our first dog show for a local AKC Licensed Superintendent. Within a year, our dog show customers expanded nationwide.
Due to the rule change by the AKC not requiring dates or locations on regular and non regular placement ribbons. We are no longer offering placement ribbon orders after the closing date of the show. Placement ribbons need to be estimated with the rest of the order. Keep in mind any extra placement ribbons you order can now be kept and be used at your later shows.

Making ribbons and rosettes for swim teams, fairs, dog shows, parades, schools, sporting events, horse shows and just about any special event that you might need ribbons for is our specialty.

Give us a call. You will see how easy placing your order can be!