The minimum order is $30.00 not including set up fees or shipping.

Set-up Fees

Regular Set-up Fee: $15.00 – 6 or less changes (ie: copy, foil, ribbon color)

Side Streamer Set-up Fee: $20.00

Stock Items: No Set-up Fee

All orders with more than 6 ribbon or foil color changes, placing changes or copy changes: Set-up fee will be quoted when final order is placed. Minimum of $20.00. Setup fee is applied per show or per date.

Rush Orders

We will process rush orders when time allows. Rush orders will incur a fee of up to 35% of the total ribbon order and overnight shipping charges if necessary.

Minimum of $25.00 charged on all rush orders.

Excessive Line Change Fee

Your order includes up to 6 ribbon color changes and 6 placing type changes. Line changes are charged at a $1.60 per change after 6.

A minimum order fee of $75.00 will apply to orders exceeding 6 type changes. Does not apply to stock items.

Call or email for quote.

Replacement Center Streamers
8″ – $1.15 each

9″ – 15″ $1.80 each

16″ – 24″ $3.00 each

25″ + $3.96 each

Buttons with Pin Back – $1.80

Hook for Ribbon Back – .$0.15

Pom Pom on 6″ or larger rosette – $4.50

Tabs – Center or side tabs – $1.05 each

Custom Logo Die

$55 custom logo die charge. We will need camera-ready black & white artwork (no shading). Please allow 5 days additional to processing time for a custom logo. An additional charge may apply for custom artwork. Call for pricing.

  • All files should be High resolution files at 300 DPI or more.
  •  When submitting black and white artwork:Black and white artwork should have clean, sharp, crisp and solid black lines on a white background.

    There should not be any shadows, gray, colored or shaded areas.

    Type must be clean and sharp.

    Artwork that has less detail will print better.We accept the following file types:


    • EPS (illustrator vector file)
    • PDF (illustrator vector or Photoshop file)
    • .PSD (photoshop Files)
    • AI (illustrator vector file)
    • TIF (300 dpi)
    • JPG (High Quality/ High resolution)
    • Designs that are too blurry will need to be recreated.
    • Shadows and shadings will have to be removed.
    • Multicolor designs will have to be recreated in black and white
    • Designs should be clean, sharp and solid.
    If artwork doesn’t follow the above guidelines or is sent in a file type other than listed above, art charges may apply. Our graphics department reviews all submitted artwork. If the artwork is not suitable, there will be an art charge estimate and suggestions given by our graphics department. We will not proceed until the suggested changes and charges meet your approval.


Extra Length Streamers

Standard streamer lengths are noted on rosette descriptions.

To substitute a longer length to the design:

12″ – 47 cents per ribbon

15″ – 86 cents per ribbon

18″ – 97 cents per ribbon

24″ – $1.05 per ribbon

36″ – $2.15 per ribbon

48″ – $2.70 per ribbon

Side Streamer Print

Side Streamer Set-up Fee $20.00

Side streamer with 1 line of print (i.e. Parade of Champions), add $2.10 each.

For Dog Shows

The minimum order for dog shows is $150.00 not including set up fees or shipping.

To add registered name $5.20

To add call name $3.45 each

For both of the above, cost is $8.65

1-5 titles – add $4.05

1-10 titles, add $9.25

Over 10 titles, add $11.55


Add $ .07 per ribbon or streamer. Not available on Flats or Peak Overlays.

Excessive Wording

Excessive wording may require smaller print and/or a charge for extra streamer length.


Changes made after we have started processing your order may incur additional charges.

Changes requested that affect our normal copy layout will incur additional charges.

Rules applying to Dog Shows

All AKC event rosettes will have mylar-covered AKC logo buttons.

Non-AKC dog show event rosettes – choose between paw print or club logo on button.

Ribbon with Side Streamer Print

For Glitter Edge Rosettes
add 50% to cost of each.

Glitter Edge Rosettes


Add Pom Pom Center on 6″ or larger Rosette

Pom Pom Center

$ 4.50 each