Rosettes are custom made when you order them. They are pictured by design and can be ordered in any available color or color combination of your choice. All dog show rosettes have mylar-covered buttons. Rosettes are made of beaded-edge satin ribbon. Your print in gold on the rosette button and center streamer is included. For print on more than one streamer add $2.10 per streamer. For a different look, add a PomPom to any Rosette for $4.50. Make your rosettes sparkle: for glitter-edge rosettes, add 50% to cost of each. Available in most colors. For additional styles, please see dog show pages.

Due to the rule change by the AKC not requiring dates or locations on regular and non regular placement ribbons.
We are no longer offering placement ribbon orders after the closing date of the show. Placement ribbons need to be estimated with the rest of the order.
Keep in mind any extra placement ribbons you order can now be kept and be used at your later shows.
Except by special arrangement depending on scheduling availability.

Extra Length Streamers
Standard streamer lengths are noted on rosette descriptions.
To substitute a longer length to the design:
12" - $.47 cents per ribbon
15" - $.86 cents per ribbon
24" - $1.05 per ribbon
36" - $2.15 per ribbon
48" - $2.70 per ribbon

121 - 5" Diameter Head
1 Row Pleat
1 Row Petals
3 Streamers - 12"
Approx. 16" Overall

121 - Satin Rosette

$6.95 each

122 - 5-1/2" Diameter Head
1 Row Petals
1 Row Pleats
3 Streamers - 12 "
Approx. 16-1/2" Overall

122 - Satin Rosette

$4.95 each